Quart Bottle ~ Speciality Scents

Quart Bottle ~ Speciality Scents
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Quart Bottle air freshener fragrance refills are perfect and more economical for larger areas and can be used with the SB-2000 or any battery/electric operated fan unit.  32 ounces lasts  4 to 12 months [ depending on how many wicks you use ]  for continual freshness, best on the market. Sixteen (16) Wicks are included at no additional charge. Simply place 1 to 3 wicks in your refillable can which comes with your dispenser; use more wicks for a stronger fragrance. One quart is equal to eight refill cans of liquid fragrance . 


Speciality Scents: Cranberry, Holiday Home, Orange, Spearmint, Very Berry, Wassail and Winter Mint.

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